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The Speed Legend


Is a car only a transport mode? For some, it’s not. Tie yourself to the seat with the safety belt in the narrow cabin, grip the steering wheel and drive through a corner, listen to the roar of the engine and feel the ups and downs of the road. As the tires squeal and reach their grip limits, your heart beats and adrenaline rise sharply. Obviously, this is not for transport. When the Ford GT40 crossed the finish line in 1966, it’s the supreme masterpiece of the then automotive industry and it’s a speed machine built by metal and passion. Though we cannot go back to the day to witness the birth of this legend, we are still influenced and inspired by such passionate stories and breathtaking moments. This is not about rationality, because it’s our instinct to chase speed and limits.

MENG and Ford Motor Company now work together to present the all new pre-colored car model kit, the CS-004 Ford GT40 Mk.II. This 1/12 scale model has both excellent detail representation and outstanding visual impact. The model features pre-colored part design and snap-fit assembly. The finished model is 343.7mm long, 148.6mm wide and 92.4mm high. This kit includes interiors like engine and transmission and the paint scheme of Ken Miles’ car of Shelby American in 1966. A speed legend replicated in a new way.