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The Latest Variant of a Half-century-old Tank Family

Half a century has passed since the debut of the T-72 main battle tank. This tank has various variants, and the T-72B3M is its latest modernized one. Compared to the T-72B3, it’s upgraded with the 1,130 hp V-92S2F engine, which greatly improves the tank’s maneuverability. It is also equipped with protection like the 4S23 Relikt explosive reactive armor, which makes its protection as good as the T-90. 


By working with the famous Russian army equipment research organization, Gur Khan Books Publishing House, MENG now presents this 1/35 scale T-72B3M main battle tank model kit. The finished model will be 280mm long, 113mm wide and 87mm high. Let us check its details.



The 4S23 Relikt explosive reactive armor and the modular slat armor are precisely reproduced.



The gun mantlet canvas cover and the unique 4S22 explosive reactive armor elements are designed by digital sculpting.


The 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun has two installation options.


All crew hatches are openable.


The precisely replicated KMT-8 mine clearing system can be built in the retracted or deployed position.



Lights, observation windows and optical sights are represented with clear parts.


The engine grilles are represented by precision PE parts.


This kit includes a realistic and movable torsion bar suspension system.


Brand-new tooling double-pin workable tracks are easy to assemble.


This kit includes a quick assembly jig for the tracks.

TS-053 Russian Main Battle Tank T-72B3M w/ KMT-8 Mine Clearing System

Scale: 1/35

Available in: July 2022

Now, we have the honor to present this latest T-72B3M MBT model kit to you. Get it and build your own T-72B3M.