The Leopard 1 A3/A4 MBT had a crew of four. It was equipped with a L7A3 105mm rifled gun. Length - 9.54 m (gun forward); width - 3.37 m; combat weight - 42.4 tonnes; maxi. road speed - 65 km/h. It was fitted with a MB 838 CaM 500 water-cooled multi-fuel engine. The Leopard 1 A3 incorporated all the improvements of the Leopard 1 A2 but with a new welded turret of spaced armor with a wedge-shaped gun mantlet; the turret rear stowage bin was incorporated into the contour of the turret; the loader's periscope was movable in both elevation and azimuth. Leopard 1 A4 was fitted with the same turret as Leopard 1 A3, but had an integrated fire-control system, which improved the tank’s combat effectiveness and also provided a far higher hit probability. The Leopard 1 MBT became a standard equipment of European forces for its extraordinary reliability and outstanding tactical mobility, and served in over a dozen countries worldwide.



This 1/35 scale Leopard 1 A3/A4 MBT plastic model kit precisely represents the shape of German AFVs. Periscopes and lights are provided with clear parts; all hatches can be modeled open or closed; armor protection for periscope and grilles for engine compartment can be precisely presented with PE parts; track links and one-piece TPE tracks are included; three options (German Leopard 1 A3/A4 or Greek Leopard 1 A3) are provided.

  • Details on the rear Leopard 1 A3/A4 hull are so realistic that no further improvement by modelers is needed.

  • Excellent decals and grousers greatly improve the appearance of this model.

  • Pioneer tools and side skirt on the left side of hull are perfectly represented.

  • The PE engine grille looks very realistic.

  • Turret weld beads, mantlet cover and searchlight are fine and realistic.

  • Details of MG3 machine gun, commander’s and loader’s hatches are rich and fine.

  • One-piece TPE tracks and track links are both provided for different needs of modelers.

  • With the help of the movable suspension, this model can be built in the positions modelers like.

  • This kit consists of olive drab and brown plastic sprues, a clear sprue, a set of one-piece TPE tracks, two PE frets and a decal sheet.