The Precast Concrete Walls

Concrete walls are very common in modern wars.

WWI Vehicles Camouflage Colors Sets

MENG and AK-INTERACTIVE have released a series of eco-friendly acrylic paint sets for different subjects.

The Brand New T-72B3 Model Kit Coming

The T-72 main battle tank, the most representative Soviet tank during the Cold War, was once the symbol of the Soviet Army’s strength. About 40 years later, a new T-72B3 MBT entered service with the Russian Army.

Accurate Engine & Realistic Tracks

The engines and workable tracks are very important for modelers who pursue accurate and realistic tank models. MENG will release them in three kits.

Amazing Color Sets

Have you ever been bothered about selecting colors for a model? Have you ever given up painting your model just because you could not choose the proper colors?

Results of MENG’s MOST LIKED Monthly Contest Unveiled: February 2016

The results of the latest MENG’s MOST LIKED monthly on-line model contest are unveiled!

M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank In Detail

SABOT Publications is a new book series started by world renowned master modeler and armor aficionado Chris Mrosko and award-winning modeler and decorated combat veteran Brett Avants. These two modellers have helped a lot during the development of MENG M1A2 model kit.

Who’s the Hero in Wars?

Let’s imagine this: one anxious French orderly rode a vintage motorcycle very fast. He was rushing to send orders. After a short moment, he caught up with a running FT-17 light tank and passed the orders to the tank commander. After that, he waved goodbye to the tank commander and driver and drove t

Perfect Thinner & Cleaner

MENG and AK-INTERACTIVE presented the latest environment friendly acrylic paints to global modellers more than one month ago. Now, we have the honor to announce two good partners of acrylic paints, the MC-601 Acrylic Thinner and MC-602 Perfect Cleaner.

Modern U.S. Marines Individual Load-carrying Equipment

The United States Marine Corps has written a glorious legend with courage and blood for more than two centuries.