New products released at Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2013!



Russian Armored High-Mobility Vehicle GAZ-233014 STS “Tiger”

GAZ-233014 is the military variant of GAZ-2330 “Tiger” high-mobility vehicles which resemble the design of U.S. "Humvee"  and are therefore called the “Russian Humvee”. The Russian army adopted the vehicle into service in 2007. The “Tiger” has outstanding mobility and its average cross-country speed can be as high as 120-140km/h. It accommodates 6 people including the driver, co-driver as well as 4 special force soldiers. There is a rotatable hatch on top of the roof. A“AGS-17” 30mm automatic grenade launcher and a “Pecheneg” 7.62mm machine gun can be installed on sides of the hatch for two members to operate at the same time. Meanwhile, there are a large number of rounds of ammunition and RPG anti-tank rocket launchers stored in the cabin.


1/35 scale plastic model kit of Russian armored high-mobility vehicle GAZ-233014 STS “Tiger” is 165mm in total length and 66mm in width. Uniquely Russian style vehicle shape is accurately reproduced; cabin interiors are included; doors can be built to be open or closed; turntable on the roof is rotatable; camouflage covers on internal cabin walls are reproduced with fine decals; two painting schemes are provided.




PICKUP w/ZU-23-2

Pick up is a light motor vehicle with an open-top rear cargo area which has been widely used in various fields. Its advantages also find wide application in the military field. ZU-23-2 is a light anti-aircraft gun developed by former Soviet Union. Because of features like light weight, easy operation and low cost, it is widely used, especially by armed forces in hot spots in Africa and Ara.


1/35 scale plastic model kits of Pickup w/ZU-23-2, with a total length of 140mm and width of 57mm. Shape of the pickup is precisely reproduced; doors can be built either open or closed. Complex construction of the anti-aircraft gun ZU-23-2 is accurately modeled with three available firing positions; it can be built in firing position or to be towed. Fine PE parts are provided; two painting schemes are provided for the pickup.




D9R “DOOBI” Armored Bulldozer

D9R bulldozer with powerful operational capability is one of the best bulldozers in the world. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) added heavy armor on it and used it to remove barricades, clear landmines, build temporary routes and demolish all kinds of buildings of enemy and they also nicknamed it “DOOBI”. In order to carry out combat actions in Iraq cities and towns in a better way, U.S. Army imported the D9R from Israel and it was well received by soldiers because of its strong combat performance. D9R armored bulldozer has strong protection which can even defend against RPG projectiles. There is one 7.62mm light machine gun mounted on the top of the cab for self-defense. It has been proved to be a very effective equipment for assaulting fortifications in actual combat.


1/35 scale plastic model kit of D9R armored bulldozer, with a total length of 247mm and width of 126mm. Mechanical beauty of the real vehicle is realistically represented and the huge body structure is precisely and accurately modeled; realistic dozer blade and scarifier are movable; this kit contains precise cab interiors; door and window can be built open or closed; realistic and workable track links are included; U.S. Army and IDF painting schemes are provided.