Another version of Delta Dagger kit released

The F-102A(Case XX) Delta Dagger supersonic interceptor was the improved version of the F-102A(Case X). It was put into service soon for better performance. After fitted with advanced equipments like Autocollimator, Infra-Red Search System, Fire Control Computer and Autopilot, it ranked amongst the most significant aircrafts in 1950s-60s with advanced western aviation technology. During its service, F-102 was not only used to intercept Soviet strategic bombers and long-range reconnaissance aircrafts near the Coast of North America, but also received its baptism by fire in Vietnam War. F-102 was no longer the important linking of the Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE) system after the F-106 entered service.
We re-release the 1/72 F-102A(Case XX) kit (No.DS-005) after the successful DS-003 F-102A(Case X) kit. The kit (No.DS-005) consists of 100 parts on 6 plastic sprues and 1 clear sprue . It’s 289.4 mm in total length and 161.4 mm in width. Its unique belly weapon bay and weapons have been perfectly modeled. Three weapon bay positions and two types of falcon missiles are provided in the kit. Three paint options (USAF and ANG) are offered.You will enjoy building a Cold War era aircraft with this easy-build and detailed kit.