The warrior who didn’t see battles


Battlefield, is the place where heroes gather and the paradise on earth of warriors.
Russia is called a fighting nation. Russian people’s strong bodies and excellent weapons are their advantages on the battlefield.
Since 1928, the predecessor of Russia, the Soviet Union, developed MS-1/T-18 based on the French FT-17 tank, and then its eye-catching tank industry started; T-55 and T-64 were outstanding products. However, in 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia which inherited its legacy suffered from serious economic shock. They had to give up the costly T-80, and turned to “ Improved T-72B” - T-90. T-90 entered service in the Russian Ground Forces in 1992. It is equipped with a large caliber smoothbore gun which can launch missiles, auxiliary machine guns and an automatic fire control system; it is mounted with Russian Shtora (“curtain” in English) combined electro-optical countermeasures suite to protect the tank against laser guided weapons; and it is also fitted with a NBC protection system. T-90, as the new generation main battle tank for Russia at that time, in total about 120 T-90 MBTs were produced. They had been gradually replaced by more advanced T-90A before they saw battles.
This TS-014 1/35 scale Russian Main Battle Tank T-90 w/TBS-86 Tank Dozer plastic model kit is 289mm in total length and 109mm in width. In order to make all modellers know more about TS-014, let’s look at the following detailed pictures:



Separate anti-radiation applique vinyl parts are like on the real vehicle, with rich details.




“Shtora” system can be built in open or closed position, its adherent Light emitting electronic components are provided to replicate the infrared dazzlers.



Crew hatch can be built in open or closed position.



Precise and workable tank dozer can be in deployed or undeployed position. It also can be mounted on the T-90A MBT.


Brand-new cement-free workable single pin track links are easy to assemble.



Engine air intake protective plates can be mounted on the rear of the vehicle.


T-90 didn’t see battles all the time. Rather than wasting its good performance, why not recover its brilliance by your hands?