New Design Concept, Better Mustang Experience



Among our discussions with modelers, MENG’s team has discovered that many modelers are discouraged about aircraft subjects. We have heard the complaints like “more sanding work than AFVs” and “too many colors to paint” about building aircraft models. How can we improve the build experience and also replicate the excellent details at the same time? The LS-006 North American P-51D Mustang Fighter kit is our first try. We applied a different design concept than other 1/48 scale aircraft models. For many beginners, they can build this kit without glue. We don’t forget the senior modelers who are used to using glue. After gluing and painting of this kit, they will find a detailed Mustang model.



The breakdown of the cockpit parts follows the different colors on the real aircraft. You can easily paint them and then assemble them together. You don’t need to mask some parts while painting others.


The cockpit side panels are also provided as separate parts, so it will be easier to paint them. The details will look more realistic than the embossment.


The slidable canopy design is not common in 1/48 scale models, and we hope this design can make the model more interesting.


For those modelers who use glue, the reasonable parts breakdown will help reduce the sanding work to the minimum. Say goodbye to the models released 20 years ago and also to the sanding dust on your fingers.


On the basis of smooth building, we have tried to provide the control surfaces in as many parts as possible, so it will be easier for senior modelers to upgrade.


Accurate exterior is the most basic requirement of MENG products. We have used the laser scanning technology to guarantee the accuracy of this Mustang project.


We hope that the modelers who have always supported us can experience the fun and precision brought by this human oriented design. We also hope this kit can attract modelers who prefer building easier models and get more people enjoy building plastic models. MENG is looking forward to making modeling more interesting.