Amazing Interiors Under The Heavy Armor Part 4

Zimmerit  is  a well-known  name to modelers of WWII German subjects. This special anti-magnetic coating was used for only one year. But it does bring a unique feature to many models.


There are many ways to replicate the Zimmerit on scale models. Now MENG releases one new Zimmerit product to be realized in a new way, the SPS-039 German Heavy Tank Sd.Kfz.182 King Tiger Zimmerit Decal. The application of this decal doesn’t need special tools, and you can apply it just like normal decals. So let’s see how it works on the model.


You just need to slide the decal onto the model.


Press decal gently down with a cotton swab to remove excess air and water and the Zimmerit decal is ok.





This is the final result. You can see the Zimmerit surface details are realistic and proper. MENG hopes that this new product will help modelers apply the Zimmerit on their models faster and easier.