The Attractive Modern German Tank Crew


German armored units have been known for their professionalism. Rebuilt on the ruins after WWII, the Bundeswehr armored units stood on the first line of the Iron Curtain for more than 40 years. They were NATO's first line of defense against the Warsaw Pact. The German armored units’ uniforms and equipment have different features than the ones of other NATO allies.

The latest MENG HS-006 Modern German Tank Crew kit includes four modern German tank crew figures of different gestures. This kit features rich facial expressions of the figures and excellent details. Different uniforms and equipment are provided for desert regions and European forest operations are provided for different figures. This kit also includes the UZI submachine gun, P8 pistol and D16 telescopes which are common for German tank crew. The addition of these figures to various modern German armored fighting vehicles will surely make the models more attractive.