Panther, More Exciting Things


The interleaved road wheels are one of the most typical features of German tanks in WWII. German engineers cleverly arranged more road wheels without lengthening the chassis. Those road wheels were quite important for the stable driving of the vehicles. German armored vehicles fitted with interleaved road wheels could hit enemies from a long distance. The Panther was the first mass production medium tank that applied the interleaved road wheel design.
The MENG SPS-049 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Late Production Tracks & Movable Running Gear Parts contain something new from our team. Thanks to the steel torsion bars, the whole suspension system is more reliable. The workable tracks fitted with metal pins are excellent. What’s more, we have four different Zimmerit decals (SPS-050, SPS-051, SPS-052,SPS-053) for the Panther Ausf.A version too. These accessories will make your Panther model look more attractive.