Being a Jeeper, Being Different


Jeep vehicles have been famous for their styles and outstanding performance. Jeep Rubicon, the most visible Jeep vehicle, has been so eye-catching no matter it’s driving across the city or running in the wild. Thanks to their distinct personalities, the Jeep owners are called Jeeper. If you have one Jeep Rubicon model, how can you tolerate it to be an ordinary one?
MENG now has announced the latest resin upgrade kit, the SPS-054 Jeep Rubicon Upgrade Kit, for the CS-003 Jeep Rubicon 2-door 10th Anniversary Edition, in 1/24 scale. This upgrade kit includes a front winch bumper, a snorkel, a roof light bar and mount, a roof rack and a rear bumper. With these accessories, your Jeep Rubicon model will surely become the most eye-catching one in your collection.