A Good Addition to Your Airbrush



No matter which kind of paints you are using with your airbrush, it’s an annoying thing to see water sprayed out of the airbrush. So a water trap filter is a must-have part for many airbrush users. However, thanks to the additional weight of the water trap filter, the airbrush will become overweight for long-time airbrushing.

MENG’s latest MTS-025 Light-weight Airbrush Water Trap Filter is a perfect answer to this problem. The filter is made of light-weight metal and is suitable for long-time airbrushing. It can be directly connected to MENG MTS-001 Vermilion Bird airbrush and MTS-002 Yun Mo airbrush. What’s more, this water trap filter has a unique black color. We believe it’s a perfect accessory to your airbrush.