The Legend of the Ice Ocean Unveiled


We now have the second product of MENG Warship Builder Series! Since the launch of the WB-001 Warship Builder – Lexington, we have been asked many times when the next one will come out. After repeated tests and modifications by our designers and engineers, we will release the Warship Builder – Scharnhorst kit. Scharnhorst was a famous WWII German battleship which had several combat experience with the Royal Navy warships. Now we present a cartoonized model of this famous warship.
This WB-002 Warship Builder – Scharnhorst model is 161mm long, 55mm wide and 79mm high. This kit has 108 parts. This model can be built as a waterline or full hull version. Parts are pre-colored to replicate this warship’s classic painting in 1943. There are two build options for the front and rear firing directors.