MENG's MOST LIKED Contest 2018 Results Unveiled: Feb. 2018

Base on the judges’ careful selection and modelers’ votes, here are the final results of the February contest of MENG's MOST LIKED Contest 2018.


No.1, the T-90A main battle tank by Mr. Luyang Zhang (530,9 votes). As an experienced modeler, Mr. Zhang has won various awards in numerous model contests. This model is now qualified for the Final Contest in Dec. 2018.


No.2, the High-mobility Vehicle GAZ-233014 “Tiger” (Russian Federal Police) (264,9 votes) from Mr. Jiuyang Fu. The different paint scheme is obviously very eye-catching.


No.3, Mk.A Whippet Medium Tank by Mr. Xinyang Zhang. We look forward to seeing more WWI subjects from Chinese modelers.


The first place of the Preliminary contests can choose 3 available MENG products.
The second place of the Preliminary contests can choose 2 available MENG products.
The third place of the Preliminary contests can choose 1 available MENG product.
The Best Weathered Model award sponsored by AK-Interactive goes to Mr. Luyang Zhang’s T-90A. He will receive a 100 Euro voucher that can be used in AK-Interactive official webshop.