Watch Out, Jagdpanther!


A crowd of prey approach in a sunny day. They are unware of the danger not far away. A predator hiding in the busy stares at its prey and wait for them to enter the attack zone. Like a cheetah killing antelopes with its sharp teeth and claws, the Jagdpanther will use its 88mm Pak 43 anti-tank gun to destroy its prey.
The latest MENG TS-039 German Tank Destroyer Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther Ausf.G1 model is long and 96.26mm wide. This kit contains 975 parts. This kit includes a movable main gun and commander’s telescope, 2 mantlets, 4 mantlet mount rings, 2 gun barrels and 4 exhausts. With those optional parts, you can build a Jagdpanther Ausf.G in a specific period. Thanks to its framework and the design to accommodate the SPS-049 Panther Late Production Tracks & Movable Running Gear Parts kit, you will have more options to build a unique model.