Choose YU HENG for Smooth Airbrushing


YU HENG is the Chinese name of one star in the Big Dipper (or the Plough) asterism. It’s also used to describe the fine tools. We have chosen it to name our brand-new trigger airbrush too.
The MTS-030 YU HENG 0.3mm Trigger Airbrush has a different design from our previous two airbrushes, the VERMLION BIRD 0.3mm Airbrush and the YUN MO 0.2/0.3mm High Precision Airbrush. It’s comfortable to hold YU HENG for a long-time airbrushing. The brand-new 0.3mm nozzle makes better atomization effect. This product includes a round pattern air cap and a flat pattern air cap which can be easily changed for different purposes like fine and detailed painting and large area airbrushing. The design of the caps can help avoid the paint clogging issue. Three different color cups are provided for different needs of airbrushing.
Brand new adjusting parts feature proper damping. They are easy to remove and clean. Take YU HENG and say goodbye to the feeling of numb fingers. Just enjoy a pleasant airbrushing process!