MENG Invites You To Be The Judges

How are the contest entries? We want to hear the voices from you and your friends!

We invite modelling clubs to be the judges of the MENG’s MOST LIKED 2019 on-line contest! Your club can apply to be one of the MENG’s club judges if your club has ever organized at least two offline modelling activities. The modelling club judges which take part in at least 6 monthly contests and the Final will receive MENG kits and a contest souvenir.

Send your applications to now.

Application requirements: A modelling club which has more than 5 members and has organized at least two offline modelling activities. Photos of the activities shall be provided. 

E-mail requirements: Please mention “modelling club application” in the e-mail subject in English or Chinese. A brief introduction of your club and offline modelling activities shall be included in the e-mail.